New 9 Jobs Vacancies Announced At Mulakuzi Holding Company Limited-February 2022




Mkulazi Holding Co.Ltd(MHCL)is a company owned ty the National Social Security Fund (NSSF) and Prisons Corporation Sole(PCS)The Company was established on 06th September 2016 The main objective of the compeny is to undertake production of sugar in Tanzania.

The company wishes to invite competent.qualified,experienced and dedicated Tanzanians to fl in the vacancy positions currently available in the company.WOMEN ARE HIGHLY ENCOURAGED TO APPLY FOR THESE POSITIONS as follows:


The Job Purpose is to prepare long/short term op-erational and financial plans and provide direction,technical guidance and leadership in sug production so as to ensure long term growth,development and sustainabiity.

Key Roles&Responsibilities:

I.Controls and coordinates manufacturing process:

Il.Aligns the company’s strategic plan with operations; 

Adopts and embed agreed best practices,framework and minimum standards:

Iv.Contributes to reviewing of standards and operating procedures.

v.Provides alignment between factory crush plans and crop production farm plans:

Vi.Leads technical problem-solving issues;

vii. Optimizes sugar production performances;

vil.Establishes and lead a probiem solving approach through the sugar production function;

Ensutes that sugar production teams fully leverage their avaiabie support towards attain-ing set targets;

Oversees effective talent and performance management

Builds a strong leadership team and talent pipeline within the sugar production activity. xiL Ensures that goods and services are produced efficientiy in all factories:

xill.Identifies Key performance indicators in both factories in all positions;

xiv.Promotes adherence to company policies and systems,and

xv.Perform any other lawfully duties assigned by supervisor.

Academic Qualifications:

Bachelor of Science in Food Production or equivalent Qualifications and must be registered with a professional body.


Four(4)years experience in food processing.

Salary Scale:MGSS4/D2/MIN.

2.Mechanical cum Factory Engineer-1 POSITION-The job purpose is to plan,co-ordinate and manage effectively all Engineering and Administiative activities in Engineering Section so as to ensure that there are no down time and achieve set targets/goals during both crushing and Off crop periods in the most economical,efficient and cost effective way.

Key Roles&Responsibilities:

1 Prepares and monitors budget:

Ensure that qua ity standard of the mill operations ate within the compay’s set parameters;

II Performs all tasks according to the company’s set sugar’s quality safety,health,environ-ment policies and procedures: 

Ensures that the Mil operates properiy so that all avallable cane is crushed at the set ex-

traction rate and within the lowest levels of the lost time as a percentage of the avallable time:

V.Timely orders delivery of all required spares and too’s for off crop maintenance season:

vi.Supervises the milling plant effectively.

vil. Manitors and cantiols all shift operations;

vill.Interprets periodical production resuts:

Ix.Plans,coordinates and allocates tasks to his/her subordinates:

Coordinates pians for preventive maintenance programme and meet set stop time during the crushing peried:

iX Keeps abreast with the latest developments in the area of technical and engineering expertise:

xil. Monitors and conducts performance reviews;

xil.Identifes skills gaps of his subordinates and proposing development plans:

xiv.Ensures proper recruitment of new employees in his section;

xv Recommends appropriate discipi inary action for breach of disciplinary code of conduct:

 xvi. Improves personal effectiveness and productivity of all emp oyees under his/her charge. and networking:

Assist to engage and motivate employees to participate in community invalvement: Collaborate and communicate with the Finance and Commercial to effectively promote community and public relations:

Establish and maintain rapport with media houses and individua members of the media to foster good image of the company.

Oversee al advertising,promotional activities and specia events:

Ix Oversee protocal and etiquettes issues including preparation of speeches for various use: 

X Facilitate designing and management of the company website: xi Assist to oversee preparation and publication of newsietters and ather company informa-


xiii. Asist to develop and impiement Complaint Management Strategy. xillPrepare press releases and monitor the impact to the public;and

xiv.Perform any ather lawfully duties assigned by supervisor

Academic Qualifications:

Bachelor degree in Mass Communication,Journalism,Marketing or related felds.


Three(3) years’ experience in similar position.

Salary Scale:MGSS3/C3/MIN

4.PHARMACETICAL ASSISTANT(RE-ADVERTISED)-1 POSITION:The job purpose is to dis-pense drugs prescribed by physician and other heaith practitioners and provide information to patients about medication and theit use reporting to Medical services Manager

Key Roles& Responsibilities:

Dispenses prescription medication and other medical preducts to patients under direction

of licensed phermacist Counts piis.labels bottles,prices,and compounds medications to prepare prescriptions far patients as directed

Performs administrative duties,incuding answering phones,receiving and inputting pre-Gathers,organizes and assesses patient information scription orders,operating cash registers,and restocking inventory.

Supplies patients with infermation and education on their prescriptions: Maniters prescription-fling process to ensure complance with relevant regulations and pharmacy policies:

Liaises with heathcare providers and patients to obtain correct prescription information vill.Answers patients’ questions about their medications:

Takes inventory of drugs on hand and records results:

Places orders for additional drugs:

xi Maintains electronic patient information;

xil.Prepares biling information for medications:

xill.Completes patients’ sa es transactions for purchase of prescription and over-the-counter medications as well as other pharmaceutical products;and xiv.Perform any other lawfully duties assigned by supervisor.

Academic Qualifications and Experience:

Ho der of certificate in Pharmaceutical fram a recognized Institution with valid license to practice the professional.He/She shoud have a minimum of two (2) years working as Pharmaceutical As-sistant

Salary Scale:MGSS2/B3/MIN.


The person will be respansible to Drive Light vehi-cle in safe and professional manner on public highways,roeds,and at various job sites to delivet/ transport materials and persennel.

Key Roles& Responsibilities:

Drives according to the given instructions:

Picks ups light tools and spares to and from the factory:

Attends all emergencies requiring the use of pool vehicle:

Ensures effective communication,

Checks and manitor the vehice running condition:

  Prepares the vehicle for services;

.Perform any cther lawfuly duties assigned by supervisor.

vill.Parks at work piace and be avaliable;and

Academic quallfications: Pperforms any other duties as assigned by relevant authority.

Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering,Agricu ture Engineering or Chemical Processing En-gineering or equivalent quallfications.Must be registered with a professional body.


Four(4)years’experience in sugar processing and/or cane production.

Salary Scale:MGSS4/D2/MIN.

3.PUBLIC RELLATION OFFICER-1 POSITION:The Job Purpose is to assist in ensuring there is good relations with the community that surrounds the estates and to guarantee good public image of the company to the general public.Prepare press releases and monitor the impact to the public.

Key Roles&Responsibilities:

  • Assist in developing and operationa izing Public Relations and Communication Strategy.
  • Assist in developing and implement Corporate Social Responsibility Policy. Assist to create,cultivate and deepen strategic partnerships with key community sutround-ing the estate;
  • Represent the company to the community through participation in community events and

Academic Qualifications and Experience:

Form IV and above plus three(3) years of working experience in driving while holding a ciss”c” driving license.

Salary Scale of MGSS2/B2/MIN

GENERAL CONDITION:All applicants should have accomplished Secandary School Education and possess an Ordinary Certificate or an Advanced Certificate of Secondary Education and should not be above 45 years of age.


Candidates meeting the requisite qualifications should submit theit written applications and de-tal ed CV to the address be ow WITH THE POSITION APPLIED WRITTEN ON THE TOP OF THE ENVELOPE,describing how they see themselves qualifying for the applied position.They should also send coples of Academic Certificates,three teferees,daytime telephone numbers and e-mail address. 

The closing deadline for al applications is 14 days after the advert Only short isted candi-dates wil be contacted Applications sent by e-mai shall not be cansidered.




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