New 6 Various Job Opportunities Announcement At Bahi District Council Released February 2022

 Ref.Na.HW / W.10 / 40/42 01/02/2022


 The Executive Director of Bahi District Council would like to announce to all Tanzanians that the Office has received the Alternative Employment Approval from the Secretary General.  Na.  FA.  170/360/01 “A” / 24 dated 06/12/2021 for filling the vacancies of Village Executive III, Assistant, Reference II and Special Secretary III and Driver II on Permanent Terms, So All Tanzanians  Qualified persons are welcome to submit applications to fill the vacancies as follows:


 i.  Professional Qualifications for Applicant:

 Employees with Form Four (IV) or VI (VI) education, who have received Certificate level (NTA level 5) who have graduated with a Diploma / Certificate Training in one of the following fields: –

 · Administration, Law, Social Education, Financial Management, Community Development and Arts Science from Hombolo Dodoma Local Government College or any Government Recognized College.

 ii.  Performance Responsibilities:

 a.  Accounting Officer and Chief Executive Officer of the Village Government.

 b.  Managing the Protection and Security of Citizens and Their Property, Becoming a Peacemaker and Supervisor of Good Governance in the Village.

 C. Coordinate and oversee the implementation of the Village Development Plans.

 d.  Secretary to all Village Council Meetings and Committees.

 e.  Interpret and manage Policies, Rules and Procedures.

 f.  Preparing Performance Reporting in its area and mobilizing citizens in developing and implementing Strategies to Eradicate Hunger, Poverty and Increase Productivity


 g.  Leader of the heads of technical units in the Village.

 h.  Manage, collect and store all Village records and documents.

 i.  Chairman of the session of experts present in the Village.

 j.  Receiving, hearing and resolving Citizens’ grievances and disputes.

 k.  Supervise the formulation of Village By-Laws and xii.  He will be accountable to the county executive.

 iii.  Terms of Employment:

 Permanent employment.


 The starting salary level is TGS B



 i.  Professional Qualifications for Applicant:

 Recruitment of Form Four (IV) or VI (VI) graduates, who have received Certificate level (NTA level 5) who have graduated with a Diploma / Certificate in Record Keeping in one of the following fields: Health, Registry, Courts and  Land.

 ii. Responsibilities to Perform:

 a.  Search for references / documents / files required by readers.

 b.  Receipt of receipt, registration of records / documents.

 c.  Analyze, list and organize references / documents in groups according to the relevant subject.

 d.Putting / arranging records / documents in Registry racks / archives.

 e.  Keep records (letters, documents, etc.) in files.

 f.  Addressing requests for records / documents from Government Institutions.

  g.  And other duties assigned to him by his supervisor.

 iii.  Terms of Employment:

 Permanent employment.


 Salary level starting from TGS B.


 i.  Professional Qualifications for Applicant:

 Recruitment of Form IV graduates who attended the Competition Training and passed the Phase Three Exam.  , Microsoft Office, Internet, E-mail and Publisher.

 ii.  Performance Responsibilities:

 a.  Print letters, information and regular documents.

 b.  Helping to receive visitors and ask them about their problems, and directing them to places where they can be dealt with.

 C. To help keep records / records of events, appointments, guests, meeting dates.

 d.  Helping to receive files, distribute and collect them, maintain them and return them to the relevant parts.

 e.  Assist him in finding and providing the Chief with files, documents or anything else required in the course of work.

 f.  To perform such duties as may be assigned to him by his supervisor.

 iii.  Terms of Employment: Permanent employment.

 iv.Wages: Salary Level starting from TGS B.


 i.  Professional Qualifications for Applicant:

 Employed with a Form IV Certificate (form IV) and a Grade E or C1 driving license which he or she has worked for at least one year without causing an accident.  Must have attended a Basic Driving Course offered by the Vocational Training Academy (VETA) or another Government recognized college.  Applicants with a Grade II Vocational Examination Certificate will be considered first.

 ii. Responsibilities to Perform:

 a.  Inspect the vehicle before and after the trip to determine the safety condition of the vehicle

 b.  Taking staff to various places on business trips.

 c.  Carrying out minor car repairs.

 d.  Collect and distribute various documents.

 e.  Fill in and keep all travel information in the travel register.

 f.  Perform car cleaning and

 g.Doing other tasks as directed by your supervisor.

 iii.  Terms of Employment:

 Permanent employment.


 Salary level starting from TGS B.

  5. General terms for applicants: –

 i.  All applicants must be Tanzanian citizens.

 ii.  Applicants must be 18 years of age and not older than 45 years.

 iii.  All applicants must attach a personal resume (CV) with reliable contact, address, email and telephone numbers.

 iv.  All applicants are required to have a National Identification number from the National Identification Authority (NIDA).

 V. All applicants should apply in accordance with the terms of the JOB ANNOUNCEMENT.

 vi.  All applications must be accompanied by diplomas / certificates, copies of Form IV (IV) or VI certificates for those who have reached that level, various graduation certificates based on the relevant job qualifications and photograph (Passport size).  ) two recent and should be written in the background.

 The attachments should be joined together to eliminate the possibility of slipping or loss.

 ▶ Transcripts, Testimonials, Provisional results, statistical results and Form IV or VI result documents will not be allowed.

 vii.  Submission of forged certificates and other information will result in legal action.

 viii.  Applicants who are Urnma Employees should submit their job application letters to their employers and employers to satisfy themselves accordingly.

 ix.  Applicants who have retired for any reason are not allowed to apply for these positions.

 X. All applicants should write down their telephone numbers in their application for communication.

 xi.  Applicants should indicate the two sponsors and their contact details, address and telephone numbers.

 xii.  Applicants with Form Four / Six certificates and Certificate of Excellence obtained abroad should be accredited by the National Examinations Council (NECTA) and the National Vocational Education Council (NACTE).  xii.  The application letter should be written in Kiswahili or English.

 xiii.  Those who are selected for the interview will be notified of the date of the interview.

 The deadline for applications is 14/02/2022 at 9.30pm.

 All applications

 sent to:






 S.L.P 2993,


 This announcement is made by:





 A.H Masasi



 (All letters should be addressed to the CEO)

 Phone: +255 26 2961400

 Nukushi .: +255 26 2961401



 Office of the CEO,






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