New 11 Various Job Opportunities Announcement At Tanzania Mentors Action(TMA) -Released February 2022



Tanzania Mentors Action (TMA) is the local non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) registered under the Ministry of Health Community Development,Gender Elderly and Children (MOHCDGEC)with registration number ooNGO/R2/000156. TMA goal is to improve community life through strengthening service delivery systems. Our interventions are streamlined in five major thematic areas of health, education, environment, agriculture,and cooperatives.TMA works in partnership with various local and global institutions, Ministry of Health Community Development,Gender Elderly and Children (MOHCDGEC), President’s Office Regional Authorities and Local Government (PORALG), donor’s agencies (USAID,UKAID,World Bank, etc.),civil society,community based and faith-based organization, academic institutions and others. Currently, TMA is providing Mentoring to both public and private sector on the improvements of its systems for better provision of service delivery.

TMA is currently seeking experienced, committed, and motivated individuals to fill in different vacant positions as per mentioned below.

Job Title: Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer (1 position) Location:Dodoma Reporting: Chief Executive Officer

Duties and Responsibilities of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Officer

1. Develop and implement a robust monitoring and evaluation system that will ensure tracking of project/programme results at different levels (outputs, outcomes and impact).

2. Work with HOD of Programmes and team leads to ensure the collection of relevant and appropriate data needed for an effective MEAL system which will be utilized in monitoring strengths, weaknesses and gaps in existing projects/ programs and services and for reporting on donor commitments

3. Develop/Review existing data collection tools for the current programmes/projects and future projects

4. Incorporate field and technical team feedback to ensure the continuous improvement of data management systems within the organization

5. Maintain and update the overall indicators tracker based on submissions from the different projects/programme

6. Develop M&E plans for TMA and its affliated companies including specific M&E Plans for all projects, proposals and ensure the same is followed up during implementation.

7. Carry out data quality assessments/ audits regularly for MEAL data based on agreed indicators to guide decision making.

8. Provide alert to the HOD of programme,technical team leads and management on corrective actions required to avoid delays in implementation, including flagging operational issues and risks requiring timely actions.

9. Review monthly progress reports from the head of departments and technical team leads to ensure they have evidence to back-up and provide feedback to the respective staff

10.Ensure that cross cutting issues such as participation, gender, age and disability are effectively addressed/ mainstreamed in all project implementations as part of ensuring accountability inalignment with the organization vision and mission .

11. Build capacity of staff through training to ensure adoption of new data monitoring tools and quality of data collected

12.Keep abreast of new approaches and tools on M&E, and provide training to TMA staff and enable staff to monitor and evaluate their own efforts, gather relevant data and produce required progress reports.

13.Identify, document and disseminate lessons learned and success stories.

14.Contributes to the development and implementation of performance monitoring and evaluation strategies

15. Scan and explore new opportunities and coordinate proposal writing inlign with TMA and its affliated companies vision and mission

Qualifications and Skills of Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning Officer
1. At least a bachelor degree in Monitoring and Evaluation, statistics, economics,social science or any other related field from a recognized institution. Master’s degree will be added advantage Knowledge on monitoring and evaluation methodologies
2. Experience in designing and managing monitoring and evaluation data.
3. A minimum of three (3) years substantive experience in a field relevant to this position.
4. The candidate should demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of the international requirements and formats for proposal development
5. The ability to work effectively in a fast-paced, stressful environment.
6. Must have experience developing positive, professional relationships with clients, colleagues, or business partners.
7. Interpersonal skills are tremendously important as the candidate will be the primary interlocutor with government and international organization officials, and must set a positive, motivating, and constructive tone for mentees/advisees.

Job Title: Environment Specialist (1 position)
Reporting:HOD Programs and Operation

Duties and Responsibilities of Environment Specialist
1. Develop and recommend solutions to eliminate pollution and environmental hazards.
2. Perform research and report findings on the current environmental conditions.
3. Implement spill prevention programs and hazardous waste regulations.
4. Be able to develop supervision tools to manage beekeeping project effectively
5. Raise and care for TMA honeybee colonies, rresponsible for building and maintaining beehives,inducting wild swarms,collecting honey and royal jelly, removing hive parasites and maintaining the health of the hive.
6. Sterilize or destroy hives and cultivate queen bees for commercial purposes.
7. Assembling beehives to desired specifications.
8. Insert honeycombs and induct wild swarms into prepared beehives.
9. Forcing bees from a hive using a smoke pot to inspect the hive and retrieve honey.
10. He or should also have experience in ccollecting honey and royal jelly.
11. Destroying excess queen bee cells to prevent the division of a colony.
12. Scraping out hive parasites and removing vermin.
13.Destroying diseased bee colonies.
14.Cultivating queen bees for sale to other Apiarists.
15. Arranging the sale of honey to local and international buyers.
16. Splitting colonies.
Qualifications and Skills of Environment Specialist
1. A degree in beekeeping, or forest from recognized university will be added advantage.
2. Proven work experience as a Beekeeper.
3. Excellent knowledge of plant and animal biology.
4. Ability to remain calm in stressful situations.
5. Basic woodworking skills.
6. Ability to lift heavy objects.
7. Ability to work flexible hours.
8. Ability to work unsupervised.
9. Ability to work outdoors in all weather conditions.

Job Title: Cooperative Mentor (1 position)
Reporting:HOD Programs and Operation

Duties and Responsibilities of Cooperative Mentor
1. Providing technical advice in area of specialization
2. Oversee effective and efficient implementation of cooperatives short term and long term plans and enforcement of relevant legislations, roles and regulations patterning to cooperatives missions.
3.Ensure cooperatives usage of information systems (Speedy finances system) to their daily operations.
4. Represent TMA to external cooperatives forums including Government,TCDC and other stakeholders
5. Provide guidance and advice in managing cooperatives across all levels
6. Provide training to cooperatives on the use of information system in cooperatives management across all levels

Qualifications and Skills of Cooperative Mentor
1. At least a Bachelor’s on cooperative(s) management or equivalent in international development, rural development or a related field is highly preferable
2. Three or more years of working experience in a related position is preferable
3. Knowledge of cooperative management activities
4. Experience negotiating complex agreements.
5. Leadership experience.
6. Ability to interpret and apply legislation and regulatory frameworks
7.Excellent communication skills, particularly written skills (presenting complex information coherently and succinctly).
8. Presentation,training and group facilitation skills

9. Ability to consult, liaise, and build effective relationships with a diverse range of individuals and groups.
10.Excellent interpersonal skills.
11. Ability to work independently and as a team member.
12.Good Computer Skills and knowledge of common computer programs.

Job Title:Finance Mentor (1 position)
Reporting:HOD Finance

Duties and Responsibilities of Finance Mentor
1. Identify and provide feedback and suggestions to management related improvements to organization policies, procedures, processes and guidelines to financial systems and related matters.
2. Ensure proper financial records are timely and accurately filled and stored in accordance to the organization policies and guidelines
3. Ensure proper update and records of all financial transactions
4. Prepare and review budget annually and semi-annually for HOD Finance Approval.
5. Collaborate with TMA Staff to implement the interventions agreed upon for improvement of TMA financial accounting and management practice.
6. Support Finance team to prepare credible financial statement (balance sheet accounts and general ledger operations, journal entries, monthly reports and bank reconciliations.) in timely manner and respond effectively to any Audit quarrels that arises for and its purposes
7. Support preparation of quarterly, technical and financial reports
8. Provide training on the use of information system in Financial management in daily management to both staff and cooperatives.
9. Identify gaps that requires quick intervention and communicate the same to HOD finance and Chief Executive Office.

Qualifications and Skills of Finance Mentor
1. A Master’s degree in the field of Finance, Accounting, Business management or any other related field from a reputable institution
2. At least two years’ experience working in the same field
3. Experience of work in cooperatives is an added advantage
4. Excellent knowledge of accounting regulations and procedures, including the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles (GAAP)
5. Hands-on experience with accounting software like FreshBooks and QuickBooks,Tally ERP9,VoteBook.
6. Adequate physical and mental health and ability to work effectively and efficiently under minimum supervision.
7. Excellent English skills, both written and oral
8. Ability to work in a team with commitment and tireless efforts.

Job Title: Accountant (1 position)
Location: Dodoma
Reporting:HOD Finance

Duties and Responsibilities of An Accountant
1. Assist in development, management, and monitoring of project budgets.
2. Preparation of accurate financial reports, and projection of funding needs.
3. Record expenditures, income, and any other related transactions, in the books of accounts
4. Prepare payment vouchers and corresponding checks.
5. Prepare payroll and other regular payments with due consideration to deductions(for advances,loans,taxes,etc.).
6. Prepare monthly bank reconciliations statement.
7. Assists in the implementation of the internal control system and financial procedures manual of TMA.

Qualifications and Skills of An Accountant
1. At least a Bachelor in Accounting, Finance and any other equivalent field from a reputable institution.
2. CPA candidate will have an added advantage
3. At least three years experience working as an Accountant.
4. Knowledge and Experience in donor funded projects and requirements
5. Excellent knowledge of accounting regulations and procedures, including the Generally Accepted Accounting Principles(GAAP)
6. Hands-on experience with accounting software like FreshBooks and QuickBooks, Tally ERP9,VoteBook.
7. Ability to work under pressure with minimum supervision and maximum effectiveness.
8. Ability to meet deadlines

Job Title: Programmer (2 position)
Reporting:Chief Executive Officer

Duties and Responsibilities of System Programmer
1. Uncovers work stoppage and errors by performing routine tests and monitoring output
2. Repairs errors and work stoppages by entering changes to code
3. Increases system efficiency by analyzing key performance indicators and altering software
4. Keeps highly-sensitive client data confidential
5.Maintains thorough records by documenting system revisions and changes
6. Prepares and update user manuals by writing operating instructions
7. Maintains strict control of system and monitors program usage
8. Ensures that system is tailored according to TMA’s instructions
9.Troubleshoots malfunctions and contacts System Director for repairs
10.Evaluates new techniques and equipment

11.Frequently updates knowledge base by establishing personal networks and participating in professional organizations
12.Contributes to team efforts as needed
13.Reviewing operating systems and software frequently and making any adjustments necessary to keep them running well
14.Writing code and implementing computer programs on multiple systems
15. Building and using computer-assisted software engineering tools to automate coding
16.Performing all requirements needed for the implementation of automated computer systems from start to finish
17.Collaborating with software developers in the creation of systems for the organization
18.Undertake improvement of the existing systems to accommodate emerging technology and user-driven requirements.
19. Provide technical and operational assistance to the Investment Department on development of the software/applications to facilitate investment activities for organization growth.
20.Analyze,design, coordinate and supervise the development of software to form a basis for the solution of information processing problems.
Qualifications and Skills of System Programmer
1. At least Bachelor degree in Computer Science,computer Engineering or any other related fields from a recognized institution
2. At least 3 years working experience in system design and development
3. Ability of the analysis of the Existing Systems in terms of Functionalities,Technological up-date, including performance,diagnosis and troubleshooting.
4. Ability to work in a complex environment under minimum supervision

Job Title: System Administrator (1 position)
Location: Dar Es Salaam
Reporting:System Programmer

Duties and Responsibilities of the System Administrator
1. Conduct demonstrations of the system (speedy finances system) to clients
2. Follow up on clients to import their data into the system after system demonstration
3. Document system credentials,daily troubleshooting to system customers challenges
4. Receive,communicate and improve system requirements according to client’s needs
5. Support the installation, maintenance, and documentation of network hardware, software, and operating systems
6. Install,configure and test network and server-based application software and hardware.
7. Assist with the maintenance and troubleshooting of complex network and server issues.
8. Provide technical support to all staff.
9. Develop functional specifications, standards, and requirements for hardware and software purchase and design to assure optimum system and end-user performance.
10. Provide training and support to staff in the use and care of network technology and software
11.Provide documentation and technical specifications to IT staff for planning and implementing new or upgrades of IT infrastructure
12. Perform or delegate regular backup operations and implement appropriate processes for data protection,disaster recovery,and failover procedures
13.Lead desktop and helpdesk support efforts, making sure all desktop applications, workstations, and related equipment problems are resolved in a timely manner with limited disruptions
14. Responsible for capacity, storage planning, and database performance

Qualifications and Skills of System Administrator
1. At least a Bachelor degree in ICT and any other related field (computer science/ engineering,etc)
2. Knowledge of data management, server administration and troubleshooting
3. Experience in ICT and administrative support is an added advantage.
4. Work in a virtualized environment and manage computers remotely.
5. Understand and carry out oral and written instructions
6. Establish and maintain cooperative and effective working relationships with others.
7. Keep current with technology changes and learn new computer applications.
8. Plan and organize work.
9. Work independently under minimum supervision.
10.Meet schedules and timelines.

Job Title:Marketing & Customer Relation Officer (3 Positions)
Reporting:HOD Programs & Operation

Duties and Responsibilities of Marketing & Customer Relation Officer
1. Building and maintaining relationships with customers and key personnel within the Organizations
2. Conducting business reviews to ensure customers are satisfied with TMA products and services.
3. Alerting the TMA Management team to tap opportunities for further provision of products and services within key exiting and new customers
4. Letting customers know about other products that TMA offers.

5. Attending meetings with Customers to build relationships with existing accounts and procurement teams
6. Achieving Customer relationship targets and KPI’s as set by the TMA
7. Working closely with all TMA staff.
8. Escalating and resolving areas of concern as raised by Customers.
9.Carrying out Customer satisfaction surveys and reviews.
10.Monitoring company performance against service level agreements and flagging potential issues.
11.Updating the CRM and ensuring that TMA officials are aware of changes.
12.Liaising with internal departments to ensure Customer needs are fulfilled effectively.
13.Prepare monthly and quarterly reports and submit to the TMA HOD Programs& Operation
14.Manage & update customer databases
15.Boost customer loyalty by offering a proper experience over the phone
16. Conduct demonstration and orientation to customers on organization products

Qualifications and Skills of Marketing & Customer Relation Officer
1. Bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Business management, Communication, accounting, finance, economics or its equivalent
2. Post graduate qualifications will be an added advantage
3. Previous experience working as a Customer relationship Officer or higher position or a track record of managing Customer relationships for a period of at least 2 years
4. Strong interpersonal skills and an ability to build relationship with customers.
5. Hardworking with a strong work ethic
6. A person who can work in the complex settings with minimum supervision
7. Fluency in speaking & writing, English and Kiswahili
8. Functional computer skills
9. Basic monitoring and evaluation knowledge
10. Solid knowledge of market research techniques.
11.Thorough knowledge of social media and web analytics.

How to Apply
Please submit your cover letter (1 page), updated CV (maximum 4 pages) and contact information for three references, 

not later than 22nd February 2022 before 5.00pm to

Application should be sent through email only and should note the position title as the subject line for example: “Finance Mentor”
All application later should be address to

Chief Executive Officer,Tanzania Mentors Action,
BOX 4278,

Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted

TMA is an equal opportunity employer; women, youth, People living with disabilities are encouraged to apply

Hard copies, personal visits or phone calls to this office are discouraged.

NOTE:All documents should be in pdf format



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