TAMISEMI List Of Transferred Public Servants 2022

TAMISEMI List Of Transferred Public Servants 2022 Chief Secretary Office of the President PMO-TAMISEMI Prof. Riziki Shemdoe has approved the transfer of 1544 staff to exchange work stations in Local Government Authorities.

 Prof. Shemdoe said that the Office of the President – PMO-RALG continues to work on exchange transfers only for now and for those who have applied for non-exchange transfers from July, 2021 – January, 2022 to the District Councils will continue to wait while the evaluation in all councils continues to take place.

 balance He also called on all Local Government Authority officials who submitted their OR-TAMISEMI.

transfer applications for the period January 2018 – June, 2021 to re-apply to relocate to those areas but not to the Cities, Municipalities and City Councils.

 The transfer application should comply with all transfer procedures as set out in Transfer Circular No. 2 of 2018.

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