New 15 Job opportunities announced at Tanzania Agriculture Research Institute (TARI)-January 2022


Tanzania Agricultural Research Institute (TARI) was established by the Parliamentary Act No. 10 of 2016 to enhance and strengthen of agricultural research system in Tanzania. TARI is a semi-autonomous body under the Ministry of Agriculture, responsible for all agricultural research activities conducted by the National Agricultural Research System (NARS) in Tanzania.

The Institute’s mandate is to conduct, regulate, promote and coordinate all agricultural research activities conducted by public and private research institutes or organisations in Tanzania. TARI aims at strengthening national agricultural research system to enhance development and dissemination of technologies, innovations and management practices (TIMPs) to address the real needs of farmers and other agricultural stakeholders.

TARI has a network of 9 research Centres and 8 Sub Centres. The Centres are TARI Makutupora, TARI Ilonga, TARI Selian, TARI Ukiriguru, TARI Naliendele, TARI Mlingano, TARI Tumbi, TARI Uyole and TARI Kihinga. The Sub Centres are TARI Hombolo, TARI Dakawa, TARI Maruku, TARI Mikocheni, TARI Tengeru, TARI Kifyulilo, TARI Ifakara and TARI TARI Kibaha. TARI Headquarters is located in Dodoma, Tanzania. TARI Centers 

Job announcement

TARI has released  15 new job opportunities on January 2022, this includes different posts according to the organization purpose.

To see the information about the job requirements and qualifications including mode of application click the below link to download the pdf file with all information




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