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Tanzania Higher Education Students’ Loans Board (HESLB) is an organization that grants loans, bursaries and scholarships for training at public institutions, which are recognized by the Ministry of Education of Tanzania. Thanks to HESLB loans, all Tanzanian citizens can pursue their dreams by getting an academic degree and embarking on a successful career.

Repay Your Loan

  • The Higher Education Students’ Loans Board (HESLB) is tasked by its establishing Act, under section 7 (i), to recover all due loans extended to former students since July 1994 so that the same money can be used to lend other students, thus rendering the Loan scheme sustainable and long lasting.
  • Loans are repaid following expiry of two-year grace period upon successful completion of studies or upon earlier termination of studies for whatsoever reason
  • For commencement of loan repayment, a Loan Beneficiary will have to be availed with a loan statement after submission of the following particulars to the Board through email: repayment@heslb.go.tz
      1. Full names as used during study
      2. Higher Learning Institution attended
      3. Year of Entry and Year of Exit
      4. Postal and Physical address
      5. Mobile Tel. No.
      6. E-mail
      7. Employment status
  • Loans are repaid at a rate of not less than 15% of monthly income/salary of loan beneficiaries and Tzs. 100,000.00 for self-employed loan beneficiaries.


All payments are payable to Higher Education Students’ Loans Board, by crossed cheque, Bankers direct transfer/standing order/EFT or CASH DEPOSIT to HESLB collection A/C in any of the following banks

NMB 2011100205 NMIBTZTZ
CRDB – Bank 01J1028467503 CORVUTZTZ
Tanzania Postal Bank CCA-024-00000032 TAPBTZTZ

Upon completion of loan repayment, kindly seek clearance certificate from HESLB. Please note that only HESLB can confirm your loan repayment status. HESLB shall confirm loan repayment completion by issuing certificate of clearance.


For enquiries on loan repayment, kindly e-mail: repayment@heslb.go.tz

Online Loan Application and Management System (OLAMS). ONLY Tanzanian Nationals are eligible to use the system. Kindly provide TRUE information about yourself and follow all the instructions.

How do you apply for HESLB loan?

  1. Visit the HESLB official website https://www.heslb.go.tz/
  2. Find HESLB Portal
  3. Once you have logged into the student portal, select the needed application form and fill in all the required fields.
  4. Ensure the form is properly filled
  5. Submit Online


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