Job Opportunities at Fleet Coordinator November 2021

Job Position: Fleet Coordinator

Do you want to be part of fast growing logistics company? Do you have what it takes to run a team of fleet drivers?

We are looking for a strong leader (not a manager) who can solve the problems regarding truck drivers and manage the fleet of vehicles.

If this sounds like you, please have a look at below job descriptions and apply for the position.

Job Description

  • Lead and coordinate a team and all fleet vehicles of the company -take responsibility for vet and manage performance of drivers
  • Provide a single point of contact between fleet and the management
  • Coordinate purchases of fleet equipments, spares, fuel and consumables for all fleet.
  • Monitor maintenances of vehicles
  • Monitor location of vehicles using GPS platform, creating reports on location, idle time, and speeding alerts.
  • Develop and implement KPI metrics to effectively manage drivers performances 
  • Utilize GPS software to provide detailed analysis of each route to management for route optimisation.
  • Search for suppliers of good spares for trucks within and outside the country 

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