Job Opportunities at Tanzanian Children’s Fund - Secondary School Programme Coordinator

Job Opportunities at Tanzanian Children’s Fund – Secondary School Programme Coordinator


Secondary School Programme Coordinator – (starting January 2022)

We are looking for a dedicated candidate with experience in school leadership, operations, and teaching to help lead the secondary school we co-manage so it can become and remain a model institution.

As our Secondary School Programme Coordinator, you will be part of our Secondary School Leadership team working closely with our RVCF Education Director together acting as the organization’s main contact for the secondary school that we co-manage with the District Government. You will assist the RVCF Education Director with the goal of making the secondary school one of the top schools in the region, and ultimately top-performing schools in Tanzania. In this pursuit, you will fight to raise the standards of education, ensure that all students in our community have the opportunity for a first-rate secondary education, and improve the school environment in order to attract the best teachers.

The Secondary School Programme Coordinator will assist the RVCF Education Director in ensuring the smooth implementation of different projects at our partner secondary school. Particularly in the areas of program operations, recording keeping, monitoring and evaluation, human resources, and contract management.

The specifics of this job include but are not limited to:

Programme Operations

  • Academic Projects – Work in partnership as required with RVCF Education Director in ensuring effective implementation of projects aimed at improving education standards at School.
  • School Boarding – Support School Leadership in daily operations of school boarding program (food, materials, staffing issues, other).
  • Purchasing and Procurement – Work in partnership with RVCF head office and Secondary School Leadership to ensure smooth ordering and receiving of materials for all RVCF projects at Secondary School and ensure they are recorded appropriately (food, academic supplies, cleaning materials, and other items as required).
  • School Store –  Manage the school supplies store daily ensuring students who need school supplies are served promptly, the stock is frequently replenished and cash is handled properly.
  • School Events – Support School Leadership in planning and delivering key school events (graduation, field trips, appreciation events, training).
  • Maintenance – Keep in regular contact with RVCF Construction and Maintenance Supervisor to ensure all repairs and other issues are fixed in a timely manner.
  • Transportation – Work in partnership with RVCF Transport Coordinator to ensure timely and efficient requests of RVCF cars for school activities.

Contract Management

  • Implementation of Joint Management Contract – Support both the RVCF Education Director and School Leadership to ensure everyone is following the contract of understanding accordingly.
  • Following of Ministry of Education Policy – Act as an adviser to both RVCF Education Director and School Leadership to ensure that all stakeholders at school are working in line with the Tanzanian Ministry of Education’s policies.
Monitoring and Evaluation

●        Report Making – Create regular reports on RVCF projects at our partner Secondary School using information gathered through regular observations.

●        Statistical Analysis – Support School Leadership in creating analytical reports using data from academic results.

Human Resources

●        Salaries and Contributions –  Work closely with RVCF Accounts Office to ensure staff requests in relation to payments and salaries are dealt with promptly.

●        Discipline – Support RVCF Education Director and School Leadership to deal with staff disciplinary issues effectively.

●        Health Care – Work in partnership with RVCF Clinical Officers to ensure issues relating to staff and student health are dealt with compassionately and promptly.

●        RVCF Staff Policies – Work in close partnership with RVCF HR Manager to ensure requests such as leave, sickness, insurance other employee benefits are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Record Keeping and Administration

  • Office Organization – Ensure the RVCF office is kept neat and tidy.
  • Computer Work – Support the RVCF Education Director in undertaking computer-based tasks (letter typing, excel spreadsheets etc)
  • Filling system – Create and maintain filling/record systems to ensure information related to RVCF programs is stored properly.
  • Guests – Receive any guests of the Education Director and ensure they sign in properly upon arrival.
  • Meetings – Support and when needed represent the Education Director in meetings and assist with translation if and when required.
  • Ledger Keeping – Ensure all materials received for RVCF programs at school are recorded properly in the school ledger system.


  • Degree level qualification in Education or School Administration/Management
  • Teaching experience of 3 years or more
  • 2 years of School Leadership experience – Preferred but not essential.
  • Knowledgeable about Tanzania Ministry of Education’s Policies
  • Fluency in the English Language
  • Computer literate with skills in Word and Excel
  • High level of cooperation and resilience
  • Strong belief in RVCF’s vision and policies
  • Strong, fair, and decisive decision making
  • Ability to live and work in a remote location
  • Commitment to a full academic year
  • Full right to work in Tanzania


  • Monthly Salary depending on experience
  • Weekend Transport
  • Housing Support
  • Supplemented School Lunch
  • Performance Related Bonus
  • Health Care
  • Regular Professional Development


○        Application Deadline: Monday 8th November 2021

○        First Round Interviews to be conducted in the week of Monday, November 15th, 2021

○        Please email your CV, cover letter, and copies of certificates of qualification to RVCF Director of Education:

  • Start date: January 2022 ready for the new school year



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