Job Opportunities At Teacher Assistant 2022

Job Opportunities At Teacher Assistant 2022

Teacher Assistant Job Description: Top Duties and Qualifications

A Teacher Assistant, Teacher Aide or Paraprofessional, is a person who assists teachers in supporting pupils’ educational, emotional and social development needs, both individually and collectively as a class. Teacher Assistants typically handle all teaching responsibilities under the teacher’s supervision, giving additional instructions and attention to students. 

Teacher Assistant duties and responsibilities 

The main duty of a Teacher Assistant is to provide support to the Lead Teacher in a classroom. They reinforce the lessons taught during the mainstreamed classes by working with individual students and small groups. In addition, they assist teachers in creating lesson plans, documenting progress and overseeing lesson preparations. 

Other duties and responsibilities of a Teacher Assistant include: 

  • Enforcing the school and class rules to ensure proper behaviour among students
  • Assisting Lead Teachers with record-keeping activities such as taking class attendance, grading tests and noting homework ideas 
  • Supervising students when they are outside classrooms such as during field trips, lunches and recesses
  • Revising learned lesson materials with students as individuals or in small groups 
  • Working with Teachers to recognise students with difficulties and recommend solutions
  • Documenting the students’ progress and communicating with parents to keep them well-informed
  • Helping Lead Teachers monitor class schedules, create lesson plans and gather equipment and materials for class
  • Ensuring that the school environment is clean and that students comply with the schools’ rules and regulations 
  • What does a Teacher Assistant do? 

    Teacher assistants can work in both private and public facilities, childcare centres and religious organisations to provide additional help as per the institution’s requirements. Generally, Lead Teachers introduce new material to students, whilst Teacher Assistants help articulate the lessons by working with students individually and in small groups. 

    Teaching Assistants also help Lead Teachers by checking homework and grading internal tests. They assist different groups of students to understand mainstreamed material in their unique learning style. Among students with special needs, Teacher Assistants work in both regular and separate classes. 

     Teacher Assistant skills and qualifications 

    Many schools typically employ Teaching Assistants with particular specialisms such as literacy, special education, creative arts, music and more. However, to support pupils with particular individual needs, they must be able to identify how to handle and help them. 

    Here are some of the skills and qualifications required for Teacher Assistants to be successful: 

    • Strong interest in helping others and organising activities 
    • Compassionate, empathetic and caring attitudes towards others
    • Excellent verbal and written communication skills
    • Solid understanding of classroom activities and teaching practices
    • Passion for teaching and the ability to build relationships with students, teachers and parents 
    • Ability to foster enthusiasm, imagination, energy, adaptability, patience and responsibility skills in their students
    • Excellent analysis, decision making and time management skills 

     Teacher Assistant experience requirements 

    Based on their specific needs, different organisations typically set their own entry experience requirements for Teacher Assistant jobs. Many organisations consider employing individuals without relevant working experience as long as candidates are willing to learn. However, previous experience working with children is essential. Additional working experience with special kids can also prove valuable.  

     Teacher Assistant education and training requirements 

    Unlike Lead Teachers, Teacher Assistants don’t require an undergraduate degree to qualify for the position. The minimum requirements for Teacher Assistants is a high-school diploma or equivalent. Once hired, they may need to complete induction programmes offered by the organisations. Other certifications in special skills, child development and liberal arts can also be relevant.  

     Teacher Assistant salary expectations

    According to Indeed Salaries, the average salary for a Teacher Assistant is £18,028 per year. Salaries may vary depending on factors like experience, education, location and company. 

     Job description samples for similar positions

    If a Teacher Assistant is not quite what you’re looking for, here are other job description samples that may fit your needs:

  • Teacher Assistant job description FAQs

    What should you look for in a Teacher Assistant resume?

    A good Teacher Assistant resume should highlight the candidate’s lesson planning, multitasking, leadership and resourcefulness skills in addition to other interpersonal skills. To assess the candidate’s potential, look for skills that show their ability to be determined and willing to learn. 

    What skills should you look for in Teacher Assistants for special education students?

    Teacher Assistants applying to help care for special education students should possess good interpersonal skills and be compassionate towards others. They should be able to work with students with severe disabilities, helping them with basic needs such as eating and personal hygiene. 

    What traits make a good Teacher Assistant?

    Successful Teacher Assistants are not just responsible for teaching and educating students, they have a unique method of interaction that allows students to understand and participate more in class. For instance, they typically encourage teamwork and ask students to expand on their answers. They give students ample time to respond to questions and interact with them individually, calling them by name, and they often anticipate the needs of their Lead Teacher by preparing additional material than is typically needed.



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