Top 10 schools form Six results 2021 In Tanzania

This article has Top 10 School NECTA Structure Six Outcomes 2021. Tanzania (Necta) has declared the aftereffects of Structure Six out of 2021 and named the main ten schools that performed well in the test. Talking today Saturday, July 10, 2021 in Zanzibar while reporting the outcomes, the Leader Secretary of the Public Assessments Chamber of Tanzania (Necta). 

Top 10 School NECTA Structure Six Outcomes 2021 

Dr. Charles Msonde said the school that defeated all comers was Kisimiri in the Arusha locale with 72 applicants. 

Msonde said Kemebos of Kagera with 35 up-and-comers is in runner up followed by Darada of Manyara 101 applicants. 

Fourth spot he said was taken by Tabora Young ladies with 100 applicants followed by Tabora Young men with 120 up-and-comers 

6th spot was held by Feza Young men of Dar es Salaam area with 71 applicants followed by Mwandet of Arusha with 53 up-and-comers. 

Zakia Meghji is positioned eighth in Geita. It had 31 applicants, trailed by Kilosa of Morogoro with 91 up-and-comers, and Mzumbe 135 up-and-comers.


1. Kisimiri 72, Arusha –Government

2. Kembos 35, Kagera- Private

3. Dareda 101, Manyara-Government

4. Tabora Girls’ 100, Tabora-Government

5. Tabora Boys’ 120, Tabora-Government

6. Feza Boys 71, Dar es Salaam-Private

7. Mwandet 53, Arusha-Government

8. Zakia Meghji 31, Geita-Government

9. Kilosa 91, Morogoro-Government

10. Mzumbe 135, Morogoro-Government



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