The position

Built up in 1970, the Aga Khan Institute, Nairobi may be a private, co-educational school arranged in a charming environment within the Parklands suburb of Nairobi.

The Aga Khan Foundation is one of the driving schools in Kenya advertising the Worldwide Baccalaureate educational programs (IB), and authorized to offer the Essential A long time Program (PYP), the Center A long time Program (MYP) and the Recognition Program (DP).

With over 1000 understudies, it may be a multicultural school with numerous nationalities and societies spoken to at any given time.

The three schools of the Aga Khan Institute Nairobi work together to create the IB learner profile starting with an inquiry-based approach within the Early A long time Essential A long time Program (PYP) at The Nursery School, taken after by the Essential A long time Program (PYP) at the Junior School for grades 1-6.

Understudies proceed within the Senior School, enlisting within the Center A long time Program of considers (MYP) for grades 7-11.

The School Clinician is straightforwardly capable for the evaluation of scholarly, social, passionate, and behavioral spaces utilizing problem-solving and standardized assessments.

The School Analyst screens the completion of case ponder assessments and partakes in Person Instruction Arrange (IEP) conferences and problem-solving gatherings planning frameworks, programs and administrations that maximize students’ social, passionate, and instructive victory.

In collaboration with staff, families, understudies, and communities the school clinician advances viable instructive situations.


Conducting mental appraisals and deciphering comes about for understudies, deciding IEPs, partaking in conferences, group gatherings, and problem-solving meetings. 

Monitor, communicate, compile reports, and collect information related to IEPs and peaceful back through the capable utilization of technology. 

Provide person, bunch, and family treatment agreeing to the IEP and other peaceful requirements. Provide back administrations to parents/guardians as needed.

 Lead emergency mediation endeavors and give knowledge into the improvement of useful appraisals and behavior intercession plans. 

Contribute to program improvement that assists the integration of social, adapting, and problem-solving within the classroom. 

Provide assistance to staff within the plan and usage of suitable intercessions and convenience for students.

Assess and/or interpret inquire about into home and get it inquire about plan and insights in adequate profundity to arrange and conduct examinations and program assessments for the change of services. 

Integrate mental administrations into the classroom environment as appropriate. 

Coordinate and/or collaborate with an extent of individuals/agencies to advance and give the plausibility of peaceful administrations to understudies and families. 

Provide and/or help in proficient advancement for staff, guardians, and/or community. Participate in proficient development exercises on an annual premise counting recertification as required, workshops, in-services, proficient perusing materials etc.

The requirements


Master’s degree in Instructive Brain research with a specialization in school counseling and learning difficulties. 

Certification in strategies of instructive evaluations and get to courses of action; 

orderly forms to gather information, interpret evaluation comes about into empirically-based choices, almost benefit conveyance and assess results of services. 

Certification in Educating of English as an extra language. 

Knowledge of learning forms, fitting guidelines, intercessions to meet students’ needs, and the capacity to execute and survey their effectiveness. 

Knowledge of behavioral mental wellbeing, collaborative and/or discussion models and strategies and their application.

Teachers Service Commission Certification (TSC)



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