Job Title:Internal Audit Manager

Department:Internal Audit


Position:Audit Committee of the Board

Reports to: CEO (Administratively)


Position Supervises:Internal Audit Officer

Reason of the Work

The position is dependable for Bolster, executing review engagements inside indicated time to achieve the inner review arrange guaranteeing unwavering quality and judgment of data and

Duties and Responsibilities

The obligations and obligations are as follows:

-Managerial Parts and Responsibilities: Develop inside control measures and organize standard audit of inner control measures; 

-Assist in arrangement of framework and budgetary review programs and carrying out schedule review inside the Company’s operations and activities; 

-Recommend frameworks of inside controls and checks to guarantee the company is compliant to all the set directions and relieve risks; 

-Prepare and yield quarterly execution report with prove of execution to the Board of Directors; 

-Check the soundness of bookkeeping strategies and unwavering quality of monetary records and reports;

-Implement the suggestions of the outside auditors;

-Carry out review examinations, undertaking monetary, operational and investigative audits; 

-Assist in planning, creating and upgrading the inside review manual enumerating review plans;

-Prepare review reports, questions and observations;

-Encourage the occasional audit of inside control frameworks to guarantee their ampleness to anticipate blunders and irregularities; 

-Carry out a audit of bookkeeping, monetary and budgetary systems;


-Ascertain compliance with built up, approaches, plans, strategies and forms within the Company;

-Review and assess the soundness, ampleness and application of bookkeeping budgetary and other working controls and advancing successful controls; 

-Identify and archive esteem include review discoveries for talk with management and possible incorporation within the review reports; 

-Discuss the review discoveries with the inspectors and concur on suitable activities for advancement to the famous brief falls; 

-Track the concurred activities and confirm they have been executed some time recently closing the review findings; 

-Maintain persistent contact with the trade units and where suitable help in tending to any developing risks; 

-Develop review programs and testing methods important to hazard and test targets; and

-Check monthly and final financial statements to ascertain their accuracy and completeness;

Operational Roles and Responsibilities

-Create and keep up a sound review manual specifying review hones, strategies and standards;

-Review robotized review work papers arranged by the review staff to guarantee sound review hypothesis and compliance with the department’s methodology;

-Determine the precision and unwavering quality of bookkeeping records by dissecting frameworks and inner controls;

-Ensure review working papers are appropriately arranged, referenced, surveyed and recorded methodically;

Prepare management reports as required;

-Take part within the arrangement and execution of the Key Plan; 

-Review and assess the monetary controls, frameworks, methods, books of account, budgetary articulations and occasional money related reports; 

-Assist in planning the exercises of the Review, Hazard and Compliance committee in interview with the office of the CEO.

Perform any other obligations as may be doled out from time to time.

Key Result Areas:

-The jobholder’s responsibility ranges are laid out as follows:

-Effective operational taken a toll control and asset utilization Timely usage of control measures for administrations advertised by the department

-Effective supervision of workers alloted to the department Enhance efficiency within the department Continuous prepare change of administrations advertised by the department .

-Ensure client fulfillment for the customers of the administrations advertised by the department.

-Ensure compliance to review directions and procedures Ensure internal checks and equalizations within the Company’s finances.

-Ensure security of the existing monetary systems Development of Yearly Review Plan Development of a plan to meet the Working Review Arrange.

*Required Master

-Trade Organization, Open Organization, Managing an account and Back or comparable capabilities

* Required Degree

-Commerce or Business Administration (Finance or Accounting)

Knowledge and Skills Required:

-The jobholder must possess:

-Bachelor’s Degree in Commerce or Trade Organization (Fund or Bookkeeping) or comparable capabilities from a recognized Institution. 

-Master’s Degree in any of the taking after disciplines: Trade Organization, Open Organization, Managing an account and Back or proportionate capabilities from a recognized Institution. 

-A Certified Open Bookkeepers (CPA-K) and a part of great standing with the Organized of Certified Open Bookkeepers Kenya (ICPAK) or identical capabilities from a recognized Institution.

-A Certified Inner Reviewer (CIA) and a part of great standing with the Founded of Inner Reviewers Kenya (IIA) A Certified Monetary Administrations Auditor® (CFSA®), Certified Data Framework Auditor (CISA ) or its proportionate and a part of Data Frameworks Review and Control Affiliation (ISACA) will be an included advantage; 

-A slightest of ten (10) a long time of critical work experience with a slightest five (5) a long time reviewing association in a senior position.

-Ability to get it and archive workflows and commerce processes Knowledge and compelling application of all significant keeping money arrangements, forms, strategies and rules to realize reliably, required compliance measures or benchmarks. Organized, able to work both autonomously or in a group setting.

-Ability to recognize arrangements that successfully address trade and control needs. Interpersonal aptitudes for viable communication of review comes about to useful heads and other stakeholders. 

-Must have illustrated capacity to handle departmental budgets, assets, forms, ventures and relationships.

-Should have careful information of the pertinent industry/sector as well as information of administrative necessities influencing the significant sector.

-Must have capacity to arrange, organize, execute and assess departmental objectives;

-Must illustrate capacity to handle different and clashing needs, and work beneath strict deadlines.

-Should have solid expository abilities and be result oriented.

-Must have tall benchmarks of keenness and moral practice.

-Must be competent of working viably both as a group player and a group leader.

-Must have administration and Administration skills.

-Must have the capacity to precisely arrange work assignments, prioritize errands and convey deadlines. 

-Should illustrate capacity to recognize and react to chance ranges inside the department. 

-Should have successful individuals administration and struggle determination skills. 

-Must have information in utilization of MS office packages.



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